A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Mass Effect Battlefront is a space combat game where you can play as either the Systems Alliance or Cerberus in massive 40 v. 40 space battles! Choose your fighter from 1 of 6 unique ships and fly forth to destroy the enemy dreadnought! A team wins when either they destroy the enemy dreadnought or they deplete the enemy of reinforcements.

Will you play as Cerberus or the Systems Alliance? Will you try to win by bombing the dreadnought or destroying enemy fighters in dogfights? The way you play is up to you!


When you open the game, you will get a box asking for your preferred graphics and resolution. You should always select the highest graphics and resolution settings. This game is 2D so it is not complex, but choosing graphics or resolution other than Ultra or Very High will auto-pixelate Sprites.


Movement—WASD Keys

Fire Primary Weapon—Left Click

Fire Secondary Weapon—Right Click (Not all ships have a secondary weapon)

Toggle Minimap—Q

Toggle Ship Highlights—R

Scroll Wheel—Zoom in & out


This is version 0.2.0. If this game is received well, plans for 0.3.0 include:

—A branching campaign mode

—New maps

—More obstacles

—New ships

Plans for 0.4.0 will be released when version 0.3.0 is released.


Mass Effect Battlefront (Mac).app.zip 32 MB
Mass Effect Battlefront (Windows).zip 30 MB

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